If you use NFC tags in combination with the approach chosen by XIPHOO to combat counterfeiting, there are in total three major areas in which RFID tags can show their advantages:

1. Marketing & Sales
The XIPHOO platform connects manufacturers with the end customer. This enables a targeted exchange of information regarding the product the customer is interested in (both before and after the purchase). The platform also offers the possibility of offering end customers targeted information for the specific product but also for other products or in general for the brand.

2. Authentication
XIPHOO has an extremely safe and reliable way, confirmed by Fraunhofer AISEC, to prevent counterfeiting of products. Nowadays, counterfeit products are not only offered through online sales channels, retailers also have counterfeit branded products in their assortment, mostly without being aware of them themselves. If the end customer unknowingly chooses a counterfeit product, this is not only lost sales for the manufacturer of the original goods, but there is also the risk that the brand itself will be damaged as counterfeit products do not meet the quality requirements of the originals.

3. Sustainability
According to the UN, the global textil industry is responsible for 8-10% of world’s greenhouse gas emmissions. This, among other reasons, is why most textile brands are aware of their responsibility and focus on making their products more sustainable. XIPHOO can not only inform end customers about how environmentally friendly each individual product has been manufactured, it also facilitates the process of recycling or re-using. This ultimatley allows textile brands to proudly and responsibly claim that their products are truly sustainable since the lifecylce is closed.

4. Supply Chain
RFID tags have been used by many companies in the entire supply chain since the 1990s, in particular to ensure the tracking of products or individual components. Efficiency increases in areas such as logistics and warehousing are undisputed. Minimizing inventory defaults, optimizing inventory levels, etc. and everything in real time are advantages that are already everyday life for many companies. If your company already uses RFID tags in the supply chain, it is possible to add the advantages of XIPHOO in the areas of authentication and marketing without much effort.

Basically, the XIPHOO platform is structured in such a way that an introduction of the XIPHOO service, especially in the areas of marketing and authentication, is very easy and requires only minimal changes to existing structures. After all, XIPHOO had a central aim in the conception phase, to keep any implementation effort on the manufacturer side as small as possible.


XIPHOO technology can basically be used across industries. However, the focus that an industry places on XIPHOO applications can vary, as the following examples show:

Functional Clothing

Counterfeit products are the order of the day in the functional clothing industry, after all, attractive margins for counterfeiters can be realized here if advertised functions are simply omitted in the manufacture of a product. However, in addition to the authentication option of XIPHOO, the platform approach offers brands the opportunity to offer the end customer more information about the product and also to get in direct contact with the end customer. Another advantage of providing product information via the platform can be seen before purchasing a product. Not only can the end customer inform himself about the product at the retailer, it also allows the sales staff to specifically gain more knowledge and about the individual products or to make attractive individual offers to the end customer.

Agricultural products
Unfortunately, seeds or fertilizers are also counterfeited, which can have serious consequences for customers, particularly farmers in this case, especially in developing countries. Reliable authentication of the original product is essential in this industry. Information about the product, such as specific application recommendations, enrich the authentication service.

Products with safety and quality standards

Be it brake letters for cars, chainsaws and drills or motorcycle helmets, the authenticity and thus the reliability of the product is in the greatest interest of the buyer. Here, too, the clear authentication of an original product is extremely important and can be enriched with product information with little effort. If you buy fake loudspeakers, golf clubs or batteries, this is not safety-relevant, but the end customer has decided on a certain brand or a certain model, he would also like to be able to use or enjoy its qualitative advantages.