XIPHOO’s product information and services platform accelerates product Circularity and connects Brands and Manufacturers with Customers and Partners


3 Core Components

Digital Product Passport
Be fully prepared for the Digital Product Passport (DDP) with XIPHOO

Provide Sustainability Services to your clients from repair to re-use to recycling

Novel, effective & highly targeted B2C marketing channel

Digital Product Passport

The DPP acts as digital product twin and provides the basis for sustainability services and is compliant with EU laws

The XIPHOO product platform is already including the central elements of the Digital Product Passport

We will switch to the standardized formats and protocols as soon as these will be finished

We are shaping the DPP through active contribution to standardization bodies


Full-Circle Services allowing for high value recycling/upcycling

XIPHOO Platform and partner ecosystem providing End-to-end sustainability solution

Our Partner's patented recycling processes allow mixed material and fiber recycling

Step 1: Resell, Refresh, Repair

Our technology extends your Product's life by facilitating the Re- Processes

Step 2: Inform - Return - Recycle

At the end of the Product Life, our Platform supports:
- Informing your Customer
- Returns facilitation
- Upcycling


DIRECT MARKETING via a broad range of possible Marketing Services and bringing offline Customers online via this new Channel

Increase share of wallet through cross selling and suggestions

Easy application of vouchers, incentivizing use of sustainability services

Retaining customers through partner services

How it Works

XIPHOO offers a full-service platform containing Product Information backend, connectors and reading Apps

Connector on Product
XIPHOO Backend
XIPHOO Frontend
QR Code or RFID Tags
Cloud-based Services and Analytics Platform
Read Item with Android or iOS Device
No App Download required


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