At XIPHOO, we are currently a team of five experienced professionals. We have solid experience in the fields of Hardware (e.g. RFID, NFC), Software (e.g. Development, Databases, App Development), Production, Logistic and Sales Processes as well as Marketing to end-customers. Our profound knowledge helps to understand customer needs and to come up with client-specific solutions.



AndreasAndreas, economist and MBA from INSEAD, started in strategy consulting and continued with a restructuring position within an industrial corporation. Afterwards, he worked in a technology startup which was sold to a large industrial company




FranzFranz, educated as physicist as well as engineer, has significant leadership experience in the semiconductor industry, including holding CEO and advisory positions, executing an IPO and the successful sale of a startup to an industrial company





GeraldGerald, engineer in communication engineering, worked with telecommunications companies as well as in the field of medical devices, with signifcant experience in embedded software development




Klaus, engineer and MBA from INSEAD, started his international career with a large corporation in the telecommunications sector. Afterwards, he worked in strategy consulting before joining a high-tech company, working in the field of RFID




Klemens, engineer and MBA from London Business School, has more than 20 years experience in field of electronics and (RFID/NFC) technology in combination with brand protection, security, secure access and anti-counterfeit solutions